Redefining the Sabbath.

I remember a conversation with a friend and he wonder what it really means to take a day of rest. He’s a type of guy that doesn’t like doing nothing but he stated that if he’s doing something, how could he be resting?
The Sabbath is a day of rest for those that are religious. Everyone needs one every now and then especially if someone’s working at a job that’s too stressful. Why does everyone need it? Shouldn’t I be working as hard as I can to get by in life? What if I’m not doing enough work? Okay, questions like these are reasons why people get into comas!
You got to relax every now and then other wise your body will burn out but what if you really can’t relax on the Sabbath. What happens when you take a day of rest, it’s actually more stressful?
Today I’m going to redefine the Sabbath and tell everyone why they need one. Lets start off with work. Sometimes work can be stressful for people and sometimes people love their jobs. Those of you with stressful jobs may wonder, how on Earth can you love your job? It happens and that doesn’t make them weird or anything, some people just really love their jobs but those that love their jobs may think they don’t need a Sabbath where as the people that find their work to be stressful, they may really want a day of rest or two or three or maybe even a month of rest but then they take a day of rest and realize that they’re doing completely nothing. Some may find peace in doing nothing but for others, it just drives people nuts!
The Sabbath is more than a day or rest, it’s also a day of relaxation. I’m talking about doing something that you enjoy most. Weather it’s going to the spa (probably mostly for women), going to a shooting range (probably for men to do), doing something creative (writing or doing art), and various other activities that people can find joy in. That’s what the Sabbath should mean and not just a day of rest because if you are resting but not relaxing, what’s the point in resting? That’s why you need to take a day or so to do what you find relaxing.
Now for all the crazy people that really love their jobs (sorry if that’s offensive), they may think, well my job is relaxing, why should I take a day off? Well in that case, you’re probably taking a life’s worth in Sabbath days and that’s great! You probably don’t need a Sabbath day but I’d still advise that you take one. When you do something enough times, you will get to that point where it drives you nuts. For that, you may need to take longer than a day to have rest. Because if your really love your job and you come across a day where it’s overwhelming, you need to take a break but don’t let it go to your head. If you take too long on a Sabbath to be relaxed then your work may be more required and you could eventually burn out your Sabbath to a point where it’s really stressful.
I hope this post really helps everyone and God bless you all!