How to actually make a difference.

The Ice bucket challenge! It seems that’s what everyone is doing nowadays and it’s like this competition to see if you’re brave enough to poor some cold water all over you. If you want to talk about bravery, try doing it in winter sometime! Let see if you’re brave enough to do that! But lets be honest here, all these people that are taking the ice bucket challenge really aren’t making a difference. Not just because many are doing the challenge and not donating but the only reason why so many people are doing this is because it’s a popular trend and not because they want to make a difference. Not to mention that I remember seeing this one video of a guy being literal to the ice bucket challenge stating that what is actually being donated to the als corporation is that so little is going towards finding a cure and more towards people’s salaries who research the cure and to awareness.

When I saw that video, I thought for a moment, that is just being a dick but then I realized that he had a good point stating that only about seven percent actually goes towards the cause. When you’re doing something because it’s a popular trend or because someone dared you to do it, you’re not really making a difference. Let me tell you how to really make a difference:

1. Giving to those who really need it. Though it is true that the als corporation really needs money to find a cure, it’s going to be a very long time before they actually find that cure not to mention that there is so little being used for the cause. If you really want to make a difference, start by giving someone some money that really needs it or by offering those who are starving some food. Why and how does it really make a difference you might ask? Well for one thing, you’re giving someone hope and they can recognize you for what you’ve done. Do you really think someone with als will have hope when you give to the als corporation? Buddy, he or she may not even know you let alone 98 percent of the people who are giving or taking the challenge and he or she may not care because you’re not contributing to that person’s life specifically.

There are many ways to give and I don’t mean just giving to the homeless. Like giving a child a toy to make the kid to feel special or paying for someone else’s meal when you enter a restaurant or maybe just paying for someone’s hospital bills for when someone is in the hospital. Yeah I know, that lat one seems impossible but you get the idea because doing these things can really make someone’s day and who know maybe light up the rest of their lives.

2. Using your time to influence others. This is another way to make a difference because now more than ever, everyone rich or poor really needs a hero. The reason why this makes a difference is because giving your time to someone else can really make someone feel special and when someone feels special, they feel happy. That what matters right? Is happiness? But here’s the thing, not everyone’s happy and it’s very unlikely that everyone can stay happy. Sometimes people are so unhappy, all they really see is negative no matter how much help they get. so what do we do? I mean it’s not like we can just make someone happy can we? We can’t but that doesn’t mean we can’t do things that will encourage happiness.

3. Encouraging others can really make a difference. Here’s how, when you give positive reinforcement to those who are struggling to find happiness can encourage them to feel better. Another way to encourage people not to give up on things. Just saying “You can do it!” is motivation enough for most people to move on and do better in life. The catch is that this is something you have to constantly do for someone in order for that encouragement to really mean something other wise the person will just revert back to being unhappy. This is not something you can do just once. Using your time to make a difference in someone else’s life take time in of itself.

4. Finally, doing something different than what everyone else is doing can also make a difference. Going back to the ice bucket challenge for example. There are a lot of people taking this challenge and most are not doing it any different than anyone else who has taken it. Rather than taking the ice bucket challenge, why don’t you use your time and resources for a person who has als. That’s certainly different than taking the challenge because you’re doing more impact someone’s life. There a book on this, it’s called Tuesdays with Morrie where it’s about a man who had als but still had made an impact upon his students and his students wanted to help him with his needs like just meeting up with him in general and holding the pee bucket for when he had to pee. Yeah, I know, that sounds gross but it still impacted Morrie greatly when his students did those things for him.

You can make a difference in so many ways and not just giving money to someone or a corporation. All you really need to do is just act and not make it such a big deal for the world.

2 thoughts on “How to actually make a difference.

  1. Doing the ice bucket challenge is doing something. It HAS made a difference. They have raised MILLIONS of dollars ever since this all started. So dumping a bucket of ice water on your head has worked. I’ve seen results.

    Even when you donate they aren’t getting a huge amount a little is better then nothing right? If we all just stopped donating to places or causes because they weren’t getting it all-we would be suffering.

    It’s good to give to other causes too-totally agree. BUT people really need to stop hating on ALS. It is an amazing cause to give to. It has taken amazing amazing people from us and is worthy of this attention.

  2. Yeah I know als corporation makes a difference by attempting to find a cure, but lets be honest here. That’s going to take a while and not to mention that the ice bucket challenge is nothing more than a popular trend. The best way to make a difference is to do something because you want to and not because you were dared to.

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