What I don’t like about people talking about women to take off their shirt.

Now here’s a big topic. Women taking off their shirts in public. Weather it’s breast feeding, self expression, or objectifying a woman, people now more than ever are talking about women taking off their shirts. Why is this such a big deal? Why is it so controversial. For one thing, it has a lot to do with porn and how it’s negatively affecting our society.

How porn is negatively affecting our society is that it’s objectifying women giving out a message that women are mere objects of pleasure but not an actual human beings. Another thing is that it sends a negative message to every woman that a figure seen in a pornographic photo or video is what a woman should look like. Ever since people started posting pictures of what society believes to be beautiful women, it has made women drop their self esteem to low and dangerous levels to the point where women feel like they have to push themselves so hard, it has negative impact upon their bodies. This problem really needs to stop. I don’t know how to stop it but it really needs to stop.

Another way porn has negatively affected our society is that it tells every man on this earth that that’s what they should see in every woman and that’s nakedness and physical attractiveness. This too is also hurting women is because men are picking certain women based upon their appearance. Now that definitely hurts a woman’s self-esteem. “You’ll never have a man unless if you look…” Or “You need to lose X amount of pounds!” And blah blah blah! Men, I’m telling you a message here, STOP OBJECTIFYING WOMEN! It’s very harmful.

Now let me talk about self expression. In some countries, women are self expressing themselves by protesting that they should walk around topless like men do. In these countries, women that do this want to show off their bodies and be proud of them no matter what their figure looks like. They maybe doing it for a good cause but here’s the disgusting part, is that men are agreeing to this! I’m not saying that men shouldn’t agree with women but the way women are portrayed in this society, the only reason I come to believe that men agree with this is to objectify women even more. Just what we need is something to objectify women even more. I’m all up for equality and if this comes to be, maybe in the future, women will be less objectified towards men as they are today but right now, I think it’s a bad idea because men will find pleasure in that type of thing.

Quite frankly, I wish that everyone would just keep their shirts on. The topic of shirtless people doesn’t only affect women but it affects men too. Today, women can get sexually aroused by men with their shirts off just like just like men do when they see women with a shirt off and I’ve come to conclude that is why everyone needs to wear a shirt.

As far as breast feeding in public goes, it’s kind of a natural thing and that’s not from a guy promoting that a woman should do it, but maybe what men need to do is not stare and make it such a big deal than it is now. That way, when a woman breast feeds, she’ll do it in peace like she expects to and I believe that women shouldn’t make it a big deal either if they’re not breastfeeding themselves or if they’re uncomfortable by it. Breast feeding is a natural and she’s doing it because she has to for her child. She’s not promoting promiscuity or anything. She’s not a slut for it. She just has to do it. It is sad that when a woman breastfeeds, people think she’s being a slut but that’s just society objectifying women talking. There’s nothing wrong with it.

This opinionated letter was written by A-Rob who lives in Lincoln Nebraska, goes to church community called Mosaic.

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