What the hell movie ratings?

Okay so there have been a few spiritual movies made recently, The Son of God, Noah, Heaven is For real, God is not Dead and a few others and I can’t help but notice that the rating for these movies are terrible. What the hell? Why did they do so bad? Granted Noah had an okay rating but it was also a movie that didn’t have as much God in it as it’s supposed to, at least that’s what I heard. I haven’t seen any of them only because I can’t really afford to go to movies that often but I’ll be honest I like movies with action and or romance and biblical movies don’t have that much of that in them. Biblical movies are movies that I would wait for them to come out on dvd and then I would buy them but the thing is, maybe I should find time to see them weather if I have the money or not.

The ratings of these movies aren’t even the sad part but some of my christian friends have not even heard that some of these movies were out. Another “what the hell?” moment but there might be another reason why my christian friends haven’t heard of them is because they never saw a preview for them. I’ll be honest once again, I haven’t seen many previews for them either. I feel like that’s something we need to change in order to be more evangelical for everyone..

I’m not exactly sure why biblical movies don’t do so great but I feel like if we want to draw people’s attention towards God, we need to go about it in a different approach. Hear me out on this one! What if we could start adding God into our future for fiction? I feel like we can draw people to following Christ if we’re just a little more creative about it. I’m not saying that we should change the word but saying that we should add God in more into fiction. I may not be right about it but it’s definitely something I want to do and I’m hoping that I do well on it.