4 tips to stop the struggle with porn.

Ask yourself, why am I so obsessed with porn and masturbation? Is it because it feels so good and I just can’t get out of it? Is it because I know my heavenly father forgives me after I do it? Is it because there’s no one around to judge me when I do it? Or is it because I feel like I can’t rely on people to go to for troubles? Truth be told, they’re all correct. You really want to stop but you always feel the need driven by lust to relieve it and when you do so, you’re not quite proud of yourself. How can such a nasty habit be stopped? Here are four tips in order for you to stop:

  1. Look deep within yourself: find out how it all began. A Journey of a Thousand Miles Starts with One Step – Lao-tzu. Go back to the very core to when it started and think about why you started doing it. This could go back to when you first gazed upon porn or to when you started masturbating. However porn does not always start the need for sex. You must find out why you started so you can unlock a piece of your inner self to know what started a chain reaction that got you addicted to it.
  2. Start writing: You want to know something crazy? Writing is actually a good distraction from looking at porn. Weather if you’re being inspired to write something creative or if you jotting down what’s on your mind, your concentration is focused on the computer and not at porn. Start writing more and if you have to, start a journal for how you feel most the time and for a log entry for your journal for the days you’ve gone without looking at porn. If for some reason you looked at porn again, start your log all over again and erase your old log. Starting over can be annoying so that should be some motivation for you to stop.
  3. Talk to someone: Tell someone your struggles to someone you know who you can trust. This might be the hardest task for you to stop your struggle with porn. I understand that we live in a society where people constantly judge one and another for a person’s actions and it might be hard to find someone who can help but if porn is something you struggle with so badly then you need to tell someone about it. If you feel like you can’t talk to anyone about it, talk to your heavenly father about it. Hear me when I call, O God of my righteousness: you have enlarged me when I was in distress; have mercy on me, and hear my prayer.-Psalms 4:1. God will hear out your prayer when you feel that no one will hear you.
  4. Resist the urge! Remember when I said that the other task might be the hardest? Well in a lot of ways it can be but so can this one. Breaking away from addiction is most definitely hard especially all the suggestive photos on the internet nowadays but it’s not impossible. You just have to try as hard as you can to stop. You have to really want to stop in order to stop, get what I’m saying? Even when you come across something suggestive for porn, try not to be tempted by it.

That’s all the advice I can give to you. If for some reason my advice didn’t work, I will pray for you but remember, the only one that can prevent you from looking at porn again is you. Best of luck to you all and may God bless everyone!

Another Valentines day single.

Truth be told, it’s not that bad if I have plans and I do them. Unless when I have to cancel those plans then this day can be bad.

I did have plans to see Endless Love today because I’m a big fan of love (If that’s the way to put it) and I thought would get some pointers in writing my first novel which will have romantic love in it. The problem with that is that my work kind of gets in the way and I can’t just take the day off because I barely worked this week. Another problem with today is that I have to see my mom to pick up her kids for my dad to see them for this weekend. I don’t mind doing that but seeing my mom can take up time, time in which I give constantly to my family. This was a day that I would hope to find relaxing but it seems that there is always something that keeps me busy from the things I like to enjoy but I shouldn’t complain. After all being with my family is what really matters am I right?

I wanted to go see Endless Love on this day because I thought it would be ironic given that this day is Valentines day and it’s a love story. A perfect time to watch a couple and hundreds of couples being in love when your single am I right? (Sarcasm) But honestly I don’t pay attention to love because I’m single because that would make me feel miserable that I am single and you shouldn’t watch or hang around love because your single either. I do it because I have hopes that I will one day be in a relationship with a special someone and I want to be the perfect guy for her as best I can. Seeing movies like Endless Love make me want to relate to the male character in the story and use that relation towards a significant other. I want to be everything a girl wants in a guy to show that what I do and what I am is for her only. 

I constantly dream of doing romantic picnics on the beach (despite the fact that I don’t live anywhere near one) as the sun would set and then we would gaze upon the stars and learn a thing or two from them. I also dream of holding her in my arms to twirl her around to her our laughter of being together or to carry her when she’s fatigued and too tired of walking.  I dream of dancing with a girl until we’re too tired to dance any more. I dream of sneaking behind her and holding her with my arms and kissing her on the cheek (or lips which ever she wants). I dream of having a really playful snowball fight and falling in the snow to kiss her. I’m constantly dreaming of a girl smiling because she’s with me and she knows that I am hers. That’s what I dream about. Sometimes it feels like I’m only dreaming and it’s too much of a fantasy to be reality. This dream of mine may not ever come true but I can’t ever think like that. Someday I will find someone and make these fantasies a reality.